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Here are quick questions to help you decide if you should invest a few minutes reading on:

  • Do you feel dissatisfied with your job, wishing it felt more like 'you'?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your work?
  • Do you long for a new career that uses your best skills, talents, interests & motivations?
  • Do you want a career that means more to you?
  • Are you trying to figure out alternative job and career options that would be a good fit for who you are? 
  • Do you want a proven action plan to help you make your career transition?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you're on the right page.

I want to introduce you to the most effective way to identify work options that you will look forward to going to each morning.

Over the past 17 years, many thousands of employed and unemployed people - including hundreds of lawyers and attorneys - have used my career counseling and coaching strategies to discover their best future.

Now it can be your turn...

Five Strategies to Identify & Transition To Your Ideal Job & Career

Strategy 1: Be Genuinely Inspired At Work

Over time, being in the wrong job crushes your soul. 

That's just one reason people in the wrong work feel like that have to "push" themselves to succeed at work.

Pushing works well for some people... usually for a limited period of time.

But when we keep running into a big obstacle at work - or a series of small ones - it takes a LOT of pushing to get past them.

... That can be exhausting.

That's why pushing ourselves at a job is typically a recipe for frustration and unhappiness.

Wouldn't it be easier - and better - if we feel pulled forward effortlessly to our success at work?

There are natural pulls in your life - things that genuinely inspire you, increase your energy, and empower you to be your best.

When you choose a new career that aligns the natural pulls in your life... and you'll create a "vacuum effect" that pulls you forward in your career effortlessly.

You'll have much more satisfaction and motivation at work... and in your personal life too. You'll be more creative. You'll feel more fulfilled. And you'll be more successful.

Strategy 2: Put Your Personal Strengths and Innate Talents to Work

I've seen many talented people fall into the trap of worrying about their weaknesses and lack of 'required' skills and experience.

This is a form of damage control that can prevent failure...

But placing too much focus on our weaknesses and gaps increases self-doubt, saps our energy, and keeps us stuck in the wrong place.

While you don't want to ignore your weaknesses, in your search to discover the right new career for you, focus your attention on what will get you ahead - your best skills, natural talents, and interests... 

... and discover the exciting job and career options that use them frequently.

Strategy 3: Discover Alternative Job & Career Options That Are A Great Fit For You

Most people (including lawyers and attorneys) wanting to change careers have no clue of the best job and career options for them.

They often waste months and years reading online articles and career books, taking computerized assessments, and spending money on useless courses...

... somehow hoping they will discover a career they will enjoy, excel in and pays them well.

It frustrates me when I see lawyers and attorneys banging their heads on the wall to figure out the best alternative jobs and careers for them...

... because I know most career recommendations they will get from people, books and assessments are based on what they are doing now.

If you want to discover NEW and DIFFERENT career options, you have to do something different.

The good news is that there really is an easy and effective way to identify the best job and career options for your skills, interests, and personality...

... Talk with an independent professional who has an encyclopedic knowledge of different professional jobs and careers... who can pinpoint specific options that match your interests, skills, natural abilities, and personality.

If you don't have someone in your inner circle who can do this with you... please click here to set up a free phone consultation with me to discuss how I can help you to quickly discover exciting job and career ideas for you.

Strategy 4: Eliminate What Stops You From Transitioning To A Great New Job & Career

To change to a new career faster and with less struggle...

... recognize what holds you back from identifying and landing the right new job and career for you... and develop effective strategies to get past them.

But here's a crucial tip...

I've watched many competent people develop strategies that deal with the wrong obstacle - they deal with the 'apparent' obstacle instead of the real obstacle.

Here are two common examples: Many people wrongly believe missing a 'required' skill or a certain number of years of 'required' experience will prevent them from making an exciting career transition.

So they stay stuck while trying to figure out how to get the right skills and experience.

But that's the wrong solution. Instead, by learning how to 'package and present' themselves effectively so they stand out - on the resume and in job interviews - and be searching for a job in the most effective ways... they can often make a career transition they didn't think was possible.

What 'obstacles' stop you from changing to a much better job and career? Based on my experience as a career coach and counselor helping thousands of New Yorkers...

... I'll bet your perceived obstacles are not as formidable as you might think they are and that I can help you figure out ways to reduce or eliminate them... so you can make your career change faster than you thought possible.

Strategy 5: Have The Right Tools And A Smart Job Search Action Plan

Without the right resume, LinkedIn profile and job search action plan... 

... many people making career transitions drift like a rudderless and never reach their new destination.

An effective resume and LinkedIn profile effectively show potential employers that you can be successful in the new type of job and career you want... even though you've never had that type of position or worked in that industry.

And a smart 'Job Search Action Plan' guides you step-by-step to get from where you are now to transition to your new career faster.

Many people making career changes have resumes that force employers to figure out how the job seeker could be successful in a new role. That just doesn't work... employers won't take the time to figure it out.

Instead, once you know the best job and career options for you, you simply develop a resume that translates your experience and puts your best foot forward.. so potential employers will be excited to talk to you. 

With the right strategies, it's not hard to do.

And with the right job search tools and strategies, it's much easier to win exciting job interviews and make a career transition.

The Sixth Surefire Strategy to Discover Your Best Job & Career Options & Make Your Career Change

Another thing I've learned as a carer coach helping hundreds of lawyers and attorneys...

If all it took to identify the right career and make a career transition are a few assessments, online articles and sample resume books...

... then nearly everyone would know and have their ideal job already.

For most people, that doesn't work. They also...

Strategy 6: Have a Qualified Ally to Support Your Success

As a lawyer, you know that all of us need experienced guides and coaching to help us make good decisions and move forward in life.  

To discover and land the right job and career for you and make your transition, have a qualified partner who can:

  • Identify your best skills and abilities that can be transferred to new jobs and careers... so you don't have to 'start over' or take a big pay cut
  • Point out the best job and career options for you... including ones you never considered or knew existed
  • Help you create a powerful and persuasive resume that gets employers to call you
  • Show you the best and research-proven job search strategies to get more interviews faster... even though you do not have all of the required skills, experience or education
  • Teach you how to find companies you would want to work for
  • Help you create a strong LinkedIn profile, cover letter and networking letters... to support your success
  • Create a credible explanation to reduce or eliminate any 'gaps' you have... so you can beat out better-qualified candidates
  • Learn little known interview strategies... so you stand out and get more job offers for more money
  • Keep you focused, confident and moving forward steadily so you can make your career transition faster

If you can imagine how this support and expertise could help you discover the right new job and career for you and make your transition...

... and you don't have a career expert in your inner circle who can help you whenever you need it...

Here's one way you can have an expert ally on your side to help you breakthrough...

Find Your Future...
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See For Yourself How My Career Coaching & Career Counseling Will Help You

I've spent 17 years taking every aspect of what has worked for my clients and I've created a one-of-a-kind career coaching program...

... that quickly helps you to discover the best alternative job and career options for you... and make your career change.

I call the program New Career Breakthrough.

The cornerstone of my coaching program is one-to-one career coaching sessions that you'll have with me personally.

Each of your coaching sessions takes place in my private office near the Empire State Building (NYC) or by telephone/Skype... whichever you prefer.

Sessions typically last 50 minutes and begin with a quick review of what we want to achieve during that coaching session... so sessions are focused and productive.

In our session, I'll guide you, step-by-step, with concrete and specific advice to help you achieve the career success and satisfaction you want.

Before your coaching session ends, we'll create a clear picture of the exact steps you can take after the session... so you can make steady progress.

What's Your Investment To Discover Alternate Job & Career Options That Best Match You?

I'm committed to offering an affordable career coaching and career counseling solution that gives you all of the expertise and tools you need to identify the right new job and career for you and make your transition.

Most of my 7,000 clients received all of the clarity coaching services they needed for the small investment of $380 to $410.

For this investment you can receive:

  • Career coaching sessions (in my NYC office or by telephone/Skype) to help you identify the best job and career for you
  • Supplemental resources and tools (including Job Summary Profiles, training modules, and downloadable resume templates) to support your success

How long you work with me depends on where you are where you want to go. It's always your decision. Most clients need just a couple of counseling sessions... the New Career Breakthrough coaching program is much quicker than many people expect.

And because I believe my clients should always drive the process, I require no contract or commitment of any kind.

Not Sure? Here's How You Can Use My Career Coaching & Career Counseling RISK FREE

I understand if you're unsure...

  • You've probably never used a professional career coach or career counselor before... or maybe you had one and didn't have a good experience
  • Maybe you have doubts about whether hiring me as your career coach will really help you 
  • Or maybe you're thinking you should wait to start

I want to take all of the risk away from you... because that's how much I believe I can help you discover the best job and career options for you and help you make your transition.

I want to make the decision to try my career coaching counseling services foolproof for you.

If for any reason you feel you didn't get your money's worth from a coaching session, just let me know and we'll redo that coaching session on that topic for no additional charge until you're satisfied. No hassles, no hard feelings.

This iron-clad guarantee is my way of taking any worry off your shoulders about making the decision to try my career counseling.

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And they also help me to understand if I have the specific knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. If I don't have the background to help, I will honestly tell you that.

The consultations are by telephone, so they are easy and convenient.  

There are three easy ways to arrange a free consultation.

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